During the 1998-1999 war, Kosovo became a “closed-door theater” where the Serbian state directly staged the Albanian tragedy, divided actors’ roles, conducted all the actions in the combat operations with intent to completely or partially destroy ethnic Albanians and ultimately destroy the crime scene where the genocide was committed.

However, the horrendous crimes of genocide and the tragedy of Kosovo Albanians cannot be kept unseen. The eventual intervention by Western democratic states’ ended Serbian barbarism and exposed the truth: the killing of over ten thousand ethnic Albanians, the sexual assault and rape of over twenty thousand ethnic Albanian women, the ethnic cleansing of Kosovo’s entire ethnic Albanian population, the deportation of the devastating majority of ethnic Albanians and the destruction of identification documents, demolition of 100,589 houses, 88,101 supplemental facilities, 358 schools, 30 cultural houses, countless historical monuments, 93 libraries, 123 health institutions and 220 religious praying houses (mosques, tekke’s, tyrbe’s and Catholic churches) …

20 years after the end of the war in Kosovo there is no knowledge about the destiny of over 1,600 people, whose traces where wiped out by a systematic effort of Serbian forces.

The genocide in Kosovo is an open and bleeding wound that requires constant treatment!

The denial of genocide is a serious felony to the victims, their families and the nation whom genocide was committed against.

Western Balkans countries need peace, but the peaceful future cannot be built on lies and denial of past crimes. The denial of genocide tolerates the perpetrators escape justice and undermine the building of an eternal peace!

In order to stop the bleeding wound of the Kosovo genocide, the recognition, acceptance, and punishment of the crimes committed by Serbia enables a step forward in healing the open wound and enables that one day the motto “GENOCIDE – NEVER AGAIN” become a reality!

The Center “Genocide in Kosovo-An Open Wound” aims to become an organized network of intellectuals and activists who volunteer for accurate information and full enlightenment of the genocide in Kosovo and insist on the necessity of the triumph of justice.

We are committed that the full illumination of this human tragedy contributes the best in the prevention of genocide anywhere else in the world.

Bern, June 30, 2019